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Sophia Malekin

Sophia was born in Uppsala, Sweden, but spent most of her childhood in the UK until the age of 16. Since then she has moved and  travelled extensively living in many different countries, and now resides in a remote area of Sweden


Sophia brings her own unique understanding of myth and the human experience to both her art and her writing. Her art walks a fine line between this world and others, filled with images straight from her imagination yet also deeply informed by memory and her relationship to nature. 



Her paintings have the feel of mythical inner landscapes with fairy tale elements, containing dark as well as light components as she seeks to understand and harmonise both. 

Sophia's unconventional background has given her a unique perspective on the human experience. Born into an intellectual family, Sophia has forged her own path. From the age of 16 and into her 20's she spent many years deeply involved in the practice of  meditation. This included living and working in academies around the world and keeping a simple routine with several hours devoted to meditating every day.

Sophia has a BA in art and graduated with honours from MIU university in the USA.
She has exhibited in  the USA, Sweden and  the UK. 


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